Inserting an image

15 10 2011

Here’s a screen cast with guidlines for inserting an image if you’re doing the EDF 689 research course course



Engage me or enrage me.

14 10 2011

Although I agree totally with Prensky, the article posted for the ISMED 601 session on Wednesday there is a little part of me that resists this notion that kids need to constantly be engaged. if we’re really into 21st century learning which involves enabling innovators who create their own jobs to survive do they not need a little taste of the disengaging realities of the big wide world? No educator today really argues against the need for inquiry based learning but simulating/ competing with computer games? I may be stretching this question a little beyond the point made by Prensky but…..


International education week

14 10 2011

International Education Week  – November 14–18 in 2011 – some info.

Goal posts too, too far!

14 10 2011

Registration for students in Indian Universities seems almost impossible for any student be they of Indian nationality or not.  I was interested to read this article during the week after having  a discussion with a senior student and her parents just this week about the pressure she is facing, in her senior year, because she wants to attend university in her home country, India. She would like to study Psychology. Her application will only however be accepted if she has a semester A and a IB level 7 in the external exam in May 2012. Knowing that generally not more than 5% of global IB Psych students earn a 7 this is a really tough call. As the article describes ‘ the number of Indian students studying in the United States is surging as competition for admission to top Indian institutions has made that goal nearly unattainable’.  Is a country such as India which faces such widespread deprivation creating  a ‘brain drain’ which will be irreversible or is the brain drain yet another effect of the challenges


EARCOS weekend workshop by Kim Cofino

10 10 2011

The 21st Century Educator: Embracing Web 2.0 in Your Professional Practice
Consultant: Kim Cofino – We did one of her readings in  this course
Date: December 2-3
School: Shekou International School
Coordinator: Shirley Droese,

Check out EARCOS link

Great site for podcasts

6 10 2011


Check out this site – some great podcasts available –

Interesting blog topics.

5 10 2011

The topic that has made me ‘quizzy’ this week has been the discussion of the flipped classroom ( Chris  and Vicki). The counter argument (suggested by Vicki) to the value  of  flipped  classrooms is that the a flipped classroom is  simply an alternative form of the traditional lecture. My thinking is that it would be great to have my students listening to video lectures as it would save time in the frenetic IB course and we could do loads of application work during class time. However do kids who seem over extended anyway need an added layer of a another ‘thing to do’? I’m guessing the ‘flip’ is lecture at home; homework in class??

The other topic which has grabbed me and maybe you if you’re reading this is the idea of collaborating to create knowledge in ‘real-time’ as refered to by Brandon. I really love the concept and have been experiencing as I’ve become more involved in blogging but there is a side of me which wants to call out ‘but is it valid, reliable knowledge?’ I guess it’s that teacher control thing again. I’d be interested to know what people thinlk about misinformation…kids getting the wrong end of the stick and then…reproducing such in for instance an external exam.

Last topic that has got me thinking is what do the ‘experts’ say about how to actually keep a blog – Blogs for Dummies. Post any tips you may have.